In recent months, staff at the Redwood Area Community Center in Redwood Falls have been facing challenges as it relates to the performance of its wireless Internet, and according to Ross Nachreiner, city parks and recreation director, that is beginning to have an impact on prospective rental opportunities at the facility as well as on the everyday activity that is taking place there.

Nachreiner said the reality is that the technology offered at the community center is old and is in need of upgrades.

When people rent the conference rooms or other areas for meetings or other events, the expectation is that the wireless Internet will be available and will meet their needs.

In addition to being out of date, the demand for access for people using the community center is also on the rise. With more people needing more access, the need to make this upgrade was evident.

So, city staff met with the community’s technology service group, Thriveon Information Technology, to assess the needs and come up with an upgrade plan.

Nachreiner presented that plan to the city council during its Dec. 17 meeting. The proposal includes an increase in the number of access points in the community center. Those access points would provide additional coverage in the facility and address the higher density of use when the population in the building is more significant.

According to Nachreiner, the cost for the upgrade in the community center area would be $40,814.65. 

Nachreiner said there will also be upgrades made in the Redwood Valley fieldhouse, with a cost of just over $10,000 for that work. He added the school district, which owns the fieldhouse portion of the facility has committed to covering part of the cost for the upgrades in that area.

Nachreiner said he is confident the upgrades will be sufficient to meet the needs at the community center.

In addition to approving the upgrades at the RACC, the Redwood Falls city council also approved a request to cover the costs of the project with a transfer from the pool fund.

– Image courtesy of the City of Redwood Falls Web site