Do you believe in magic?

A broad definition of magic is “the power of influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces."

Historically, some societies have viewed magic as a dark force which could be used to take advantage of others for their own personal gain, while another culture would view magic as an astonishing experience which simply could not be explained.

A thought-provoking magic trick could open up their minds, and they would begin to contemplate what was truly possible. Pick-a-card, the vanishing coin or a woman sawn in half are all just simple parlor tricks when it comes to magic.

A truly great magic trick can change the world.

What mysterious or supernatural force could possibly be strong enough to influence the course of events and change the world – if even for even a single day?

What kind of magician would it take to harness these forces and bring people together to witness one of the greatest magic tricks ever known? (Read to the cadence of ’Twas the Night Before Christmas)

The force of this magic would need to be so strong… that anyone who witnessed it would remain mesmerized all day long. The magician who can master this trick would need to be stealthy … needing a strong back to haul toys and otherwise healthy.

He would need to have the ability to work late into the night… with eyes that twinkle to the children’s delight. This magician would not only soar with a tap of his nose… but be able to levitate reindeer while completely exposed.

This magician would need to have the ability to instantly know … if you have been good or bad since his last show, and with a bellow from the rooftops “Merry Christmas to all, and all a good night” … this magician would finish his one midnight flight.

This magician will have the ability to open one’s heart … get the children to smile, and then fly off like a dart. So if you see this magic trick this Christmas season, give what you can for no other reason.

By now you may have guessed that the mysterious force … which has the ability to influence our world’s course … is simply a trick that one magician has mastered ... he delivers the presents and then tips his fur hat to your pastor.

The name of this force is of course Christmas cheer … and we all know who the magician is if we know Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.

Now, do you believe in magic?

Yes, Santa is real.

– Craig LaBrie, grew up in Redwood Falls, returned to his hometown, is a community leader and active member of Celebrate Redwood Falls