50 years ago

December 1969

• A deer crashed through a window at the Redwood Falls Hospital, jumping over the bed of patient Bernard Peterson, 65, and fracturing two of Peterson’s ribs. The three-year-old buck, wounded by its leap through the window, was removed by area firefighters. Although a veterinarian tried saving the deer’s life, the wounds were too severe and it had to be euthanized.

• A Wabasso resident attending a high school basketball game returned to the parking lot to discover several tires had been stolen from his car. A similar theft had occurred the previous week from someone attending a basketball game in Clements.

• People in Redwood Falls who depended on electric clocks showed up for events 35 minutes late after a power outage Sunday afternoon.

• The nationally circulated magazine Diesel and Gas Turbine Progress featured an article about the Redwood Falls Public Utilities’ new substation at the intersection of South and Drew streets. The article stated, “This southwestern Minnesota community can point to one of the most modern and sophisticated power generation systems for a utility of this size.”

• A large wreath of evergreen and candles on a wooden frame suspended from the ceiling caught on fire during the morning Mass at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Milroy. Firefighters put out the fire, and Mass continued in a shortened form because of smoke in the church.

25 years ago

December 1994

• The Cardinals boys basketball team won a game in Marshall – the first time the Cardinals had won an away game in Marshall in 33 years.

• Voters approved allowing the Morgan and Franklin school districts to officially consolidate, although they had worked together on many projects as “Cedar Mountain Schools” since 1983.

• As part of their 60-plus year annual “gift tree” celebration for area children, the Wolter family of Morton installed more than 7,000 Christmas lights around their home.

• Redwood County officially joined the New Pioneer Health Plan, one of 15 rural communities working together in a health service network.

• A cross piece from the ceiling in the Morgan school’s gym fell, damaging the gym floor but not injuring any of the students who were there at the time.

• About 30 Redwood Falls residents attended a city council meeting to petition the council to enforce a state anti-pornography statute. The Redwood City attorney stated the city had no legal authority to enforce a state statute, and the area residents needed to take up the issue with the state. Also at the meeting was a local video store owner who presented a petition signed by 152 area residents saying they had a First Amendment right to watch whatever they wanted in the privacy of their own homes.