Earlier this year Cody Nelson met with Ron Iverson, and at the end of that conversation he and his wife, Melanie, became the new owners of Iverson Tree Farm north of Belview.

Cody admitted that is not why he met with Iverson that day, but, in the end, he is glad that opportunity presented itself to the Nelson family.

“It really just fell into our lap,” said Melanie, with a smile.

Since then, added Cody, the two of them have learned a lot about the business of farming trees. 

While right now the Nelsons are extremely busy with Christmas activities, and they have plenty of trees available for the holiday, Cody emphasized the fact that Iverson Tree Farm is not just about Christmas trees.

There are many different varieties of trees that are available for customers in the nursery.

In fact, one of the biggest parts of the business is the sale of trees for transplanting.

The Nelsons have no plans to change the name of the business, and Melanie said they also intend to maintain the traditions that people who visit the tree farm have come to appreciate over the years.

Of course, they plan to add a few more traditions of their own along the way, as was evident earlier this fall when they planted a pumpkin patch.

The Nelsons keep busy with other ventures, including Melanie’s Elite Salon in Danube, as well as Cody’s Soil RX, Inc. that focuses on soil health and cover crops.

 The Nelsons also have a herd of shorthorn cattle and raise three kids.

Their home farm is just a couple of miles away from the tree farm.

The Nelsons are looking forward to the opportunity to get to meet people who visit the tree farm.

Learn more at iversontreefarms.com, or keep up to date on Facebook.