On Nov. 25, 2019, the Redwood Falls Police Department executed a search warrant on a residence on East Elm Street.

As a result of that search, two individuals, Carleton Eugene Perkins, 46, and Amanda S. Gould, 37, of Redwood Falls were placed under arrest, with Gould arrested at the residence and Perkins taken into custody at the Dairy Queen in Redwood Falls.

The two defendants then made their first appearance in Redwood County Fifth District Court Nov. 27 where each of them face a variety of charges ranging from drug possession to child endangerment.

According to the criminal complaint filed in district court, officers went to the residence, and in that complaint described the trailer house as “dilapidated.” The description included a leaking ceiling and rotting front porch, as well as internal house damage. The complaint also states the home was being heated by electrical, kerosene and propane heaters.

The report further states at the home the officers found two children, including a five-year-old who was in the living room, as well as a two-year-old who was in a bedroom. During the search, several drug-related items were discovered. 

Those items included drug paraphernalia (pipes and a straw) that were tested and found to have drug residue, baggies that were found to contain marijuana and methamphetamine and items such as a digital scale and grinder. In total, the report states there were seven individuals residing in the trailer house, to include four children. During its investigation, officers also found a knife that had been stuck in the ceiling of the bedroom where the two-year-old was sleeping.

During the first court appearance, both Gould and Perkins were charged with one count of felony methamphetamine-related crimes involving children, gross misdemeanor child endangerment, drug possession and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Perkins has also been charged with a fifth-degree controlled substance crime.

Gould is scheduled to make her next appearance in court Dec. 30, while Perkins is scheduled to appear again Feb. 10.