50 years ago

December 1969

• After quietly making arrangements with the Redwood Falls Police Department, two University of Minnesota re-searchers spent a day shoplifting items from area stores to demonstrate how easy it was to do. After their presentation to the Rotary Club, the researchers returned all of the items that they had stolen.

• A fossilized tooth, found six years earlier on a southern Redwood County farm site, was finally identified by a researcher at the science museum in St. Paul as coming from a 10-million-year-old ancestor of the modern horse.

• A Gazette editor was told by recruiters he didn’t need to worry about having to fight in Vietnam. They said at his age he wasn’t going to be drafted into the Army unless “the Chinese were crossing the county line and occupying Milroy.”

• The North Redwood elementary school was broken into, and all of the students’ milk money was stolen from a desk drawer.

• The official name of the high school in Redwood Falls was “Lincoln School,” but since almost no one ever called it that, the school board considered a motion to officially rename the building “Redwood Falls High School” and be done with it.

• The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly was one of the movies playing at the Falls Theatre.

25 years ago

December 1994

• Tod Lohman and his son Justin, nine, of Redwood Falls, between them won 17 trophies in one season racing go-carts throughout southern Minnesota.

• Redwood Falls entered the cellular phone age with the opening of a CellularOne branch office in town. The managers said their main customers were businesses and area farmers who appreciated being able to make business phone calls while out in the fields and sheds.

• The Redwood Falls and Morton school boards began negotiations for consolidating the districts.

• Because of injuries, there were no seniors able to go to competitions on the RVHS gymnastics team.

• The Redwood Falls Hockey Association put finishing touches on a new team bench area and new ice-surfacing machine shed for the outdoor hockey rink on the south side of town.

• The cities of Redwood Falls, North Redwood and Morton collectively received a $1.3 million federal grant to create new wastewater treatment lagoons.

10 years ago

December 2009

• Construction on the new Redwood water treatment facility, on the site of the outdoor hockey rink on the south side of town, was on schedule for a spring opening. The previous water treatment plant was 38 years into its projected 40-year life span.