Members of the Redwood Falls Police Commission had their eyes opened to a reality in the community during a meeting held Nov. 6. There are numerous uncontrolled intersections in the city.

Jason Cotner, Redwood Falls police chief, recognized that fact during the Redwood Falls city council meeting held Dec. 3 and then presented an action item, based on a recommendation from the police commission, to begin addressing what leaders agree is a public safety issue.

The plan approved by the council is to install six new stop signs at selected uncontrolled intersections.

Cotner told the city council that the stop sign locations were not selected randomly but were chosen based on a number of factors, including safety concerns as it relates to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The decision also took into consideration the need for traffic flow without excessive stops along any particular route in the community.

The list of new locations, which are scheduled to have the stop signs installed yet this week includes:

• At Cook Street and Schmahl Drive, which will have one stop sign installed. The stop sign will be installed for southbound traffic on Schmahl Drive where it meets Cook Street. This intersection is near Reede Gray Elementary School where there is a large amount of vehicle and juvenile foot traffic during the hours before and after school.

• At Meadow Lane and Veda Drive, which will have one stop sign installed. This intersection is also near Reede Gray Elementary School and includes a high volume of traffic in the morning and afternoon during school days.

• At Second Street and Veda Drive – At this location, a stop sign will replace an existing yield sign for northbound Veda Drive traffic, There is a high volume of traffic traveling east and west on Second Street in that area.

• At Spring Street and Halvorson Street - Two stop signs will be installed to control eastbound and westbound traffic on Spring Street. The commission selected this intersection due to a recent crash as well as a lack of controlled intersections in that area.

• At Sunrise Boulevard and Knollwood Drive – One stop sign will be installed on Knollwood Drive where Sunrise connects to Broadway. A high volume of traffic exists in this location due to its proximity to a nursing home.

• At Drew Street and Second Street – One stop sign will be installed for the northbound traffic on Drew Street where it meets Second Street.

Calling this program a work in progress, Keith Muetzel told the city council that the action taken at this time is the first in what will be an anticipated increase in stop sign installations in the community in the coming years. The city also anticipates feedback from the community regarding future locations.