As early as 1904, the Belview business leadership has demonstrated its support for its community through an organization known initially as a commercial club.

Today that entity is known as the Belview Booster Club, and although the name was changed in 1937, the mission remains the same – promoting the City of Belview.

The community has changed, but the organization continues. 

Even though the number of Main Street businesses is not the same as it once was, the Booster Club is part of the city.

However, for it to continue to be a viable program in the community the members need to come from someplace else, and so anyone and everyone who calls the Belview area their home is encouraged to become an active member.

According to Barb Lewis, a current member of the Belview Booster Club, finding new members has become a challenge for the community organization, and so a more concerted effort is being made to try and locate people who will commit to helping continue the successes of the Booster Club.

Lewis said the local organization is involved in a number of activities and events in the community, including the Small Town Saturday night events each summer, as well as Old SOD Day and the holiday programs including Halloween, Easter and Christmas.

The organization utilizes funds it receives to continue those programs it offers and to support other community programs. It also offers a scholarship to a graduating senior.

The Booster Club meets once a month at the community center, and while it typically meets the fourth Monday of the month, its Facebook page indicates that the group is scheduled to have a meeting this coming Monday (Dec. 2) starting at 6:30 p.m.

Anyone who is interested in being part of the Booster Club is encouraged to come to this meeting or find additional information on the Belview Booster Club Facebook Page.