No news is good news.

That perspective was offered by Dustin Hunter, Redwood County veterans service officer, when he met with the Redwood County commissioners Nov. 19 to talk about a project that has been discussed for more than a decade – the construction of a veterans cemetery on a site east of Redwood Falls.

In October 2018, the county board received word that it had been passed over for funding, and the hope was that it would be on the top of the list for federal funding in 2019.

No announcement regarding funding has been made, and Hunter told the board that even though there was hope they would have heard by now the good thing is that hearing nothing means they have not been ruled out yet. The good news is the county has someone in their corner this year. 

Collin Peterson, who represents Minnesota’s seventh Congressional district in Washington, D.C. and is a member of the U.S. House committee on veterans affairs, is aware of the proposed project and has been working to promote it.

At this point, Hunter said it is a waiting game until they hear something from the federal government one way or the other.

In other action during its Nov. 19 meeting, the county board:

• Awarded the Cottonwood River dam modification project to Mathiowetz Construction, which submitted the low bid of $808,371 for the work. The board also approved an amendment to the DNR grant it received for the award to include $345,000 to cover project costs.

• Approved a MalwareBytes license agreement in the amount of $4,204 per year.

• Ratified three-year contracts with three of its union groups to include the non-licensed officers in the sheriff’s department, the licensed officers in the sheriff’s department and the AFSCME group, which includes a 2.5 percent increase in the first year and a 3 percent increase for the following two years of the contract. The board also ratified a contract with the non-union and department head employees with the same increases for three years.

• Approved a $250,000 allocation to the RRRSWA from its solid waste fund to help cover the entity’s budget deficit.