Decorating for the Christmas season is a tradition that is passed on from generation to generation.

While intended to help get those who view them get in the spirit of the holiday, the reality is many of those pieces have a story behind them.

Whether it is an ornament that has been passed down from mother to daughter or a nativity set given as a gift, much of the decor has meaning to those who use them.

The public will have the chance to see some of that Christmas decor this coming Saturday as part of the Audacia Study Club’s Tour of Homes. 

The Tour of Homes is offered to the community Nov. 23 from 3-5:30 p.m.

The homes on the tour include:

• Kirby and Donalee Josephson at 128 Baker Drive

• Karen Speros at 301 Lake Drive

• Quentin and Julie Rath at 269 Cardinal Way

• Brent and Jessica Johnson at 406 North Lincoln

According to Val Stephens of the Audacia Study Club, the club took over the tour of homes in 1999 and has been doing it ever since. In more recent years, the tour has been held every other year.

Tickets are $20, which are available at the Redwood Falls Golf Club Saturday, from Audacia Study Club members and at A&W Furniture, Sward Kemp Snyder Drug and Larson’s Home Furnishings in Redwood Falls. Refreshments are also being served at the golf club that afternoon.

Stephens indicated that the funds that are raised during the tour of homes are all reinvested in the Redwood area community. A project the club is most known for is the downtown planter project, added Stephens, who said the club also supports events such as Share the Spirit, the March of Dimes, the Redwood Falls Public Library and other local organizations. Each year Audacia also offers a scholarship to a graduating student.

As one takes the tour, they will soon recognize that even though there are themes which are similar each home offers a unique style and experience.

Some, like the Josephsons, have been in their home for some time, while others, such as the Johnsons, are still getting used to their new home (their family moved into their Lincoln Street house in August).

There are collections, such as the Christmas village display at the Rath home or the Snow Baby figurines Karen Speros has in her holiday decor.

Most have items that have been passed on from one generation to the next, and as one talks with those who display those items it is those with a story that includes previous generations which are the most precious.

Some carry on traditions from those who influenced them, such as Donalee Josephson, who said she leaves no corner in her home untouched by holiday decor (something she said was learned from her mother).

During a visit, be sure to ask Karen Speros about the nativity set under her piano, the giant unicorn and a picture of Santa Claus that has a local connection.

Talk with Donalee Josephson about a special crocheted table covering, check out Julie Rath’s barn quilts and stop for the view in the living room at the Johnson home.

While none of the decorators typically would start setting up trees this early in the season, all agreed it will be nice to have it done. That way, they can spend more time just enjoying the season.

Also, be sure to ask about each family’s holiday traditions.

Everyone is invited to take the self-guided tour of these uniquely decorated homes.