Students at Redwood Valley schools have received grant funding for their robotics team as they work to enhance their skills in science and engineering.

The Bayer Fund, a philanthropic arm of Bayer, recently awarded a one-time $3,000 grant to Wingnuts to support its participation in the FIRST Robotics program. The Wingnuts will use support from the Bayer Fund grant to participate in FIRST Robotics educational programs and competitions. 

FIRST enables teams of students to compete with others in building, designing and programming robots to perform preassigned tasks, giving students a chance to get involved with real-world engineering.

“Students who participate in FIRST Robotics programming learn STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills and become experienced problem solvers,” said Michelle Insco, senior manager, of community engagement. “Bayer Fund prioritizes the investment in hands-on learning experiences for students like those at Redwood Valley to encourage their development into future scientists, engineers and computer programmers.”

The Bayer Fund’s sponsorship of FIRST Robotics teams continues the non-profit’s intentional support of programs that improve STEM education. Over the past five years, Bayer Fund has contributed more than $40 million to STEM outreach efforts.

Redwood Valley has had a FIRST Robotics team since 2012. The Wingnuts will begin its season Jan. 4, 2020.

The Bayer Fund is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to strengthening the communities where Bayer customers and employees live and work by providing funding for food and nutrition, education and community development projects.