Dian Norcutt of Minneapolis recalls her mom’s dining room table filled with papers.

“It was like that for an entire year,” she said, adding those papers were sent to Irma Norcutt based on a request.

In a letter, Irma Norcutt, asked for information on the Lucan area veterans who served during World War II.

From that request correspondence, Norcutt began receiving the information she sought for a project that held special significance for her. Norcutt was compiling a collection of information on the dozens of veterans who served from 1940-46 in a book entitled “Lest We’ll Forget,” that was completed in 2001. 

Dian Norcutt said at one time there was an Honor Roll sign in Lucan that included a list of all of the area individuals who served during World War II. As a way to ensure those people were not forgotten, Irma Norcutt, who was a member of the Lucan Historical Society (Irma passed away in 2007), took that list and attempted to make contact with those veterans or their families to find out what she could about their service.

There are more than 100 names on that list, and with the exception of just a few people, Irma Norcutt was able to get at least some information.

Among those in the book is Dian Norcutt’s dad (Irma’s husband), Quentin P. “Duke” Norcutt.

Dian said she is extremely proud knowing her father served, and she is just as proud of the effort her mother put into the book. Dian is also hoping that others will take up what her mom started and do more stories about others who served.