50 years ago

November 1969

• A 14-year old girl “who has been and is taking psychiatric treatments” caused a brief panic in town when she called KLGR Radio to report a missing child and asked for volunteers to help. Local law enforcement quickly determined the report was a hoax. Further investigation led law enforcement to believe the girl was also responsible for at least four recent fake calls to the Redwood Falls ambulance crew asking them to rush to non-existent accidents and medical events.

• Based only on a description of Ramsey Park in the 1948 World Book Encyclopedia, the Taylor family of St. Cloud chose the park for their last picnic of the year, bundled up from the approaching cold.

• In honor of the U.S. Marine Corps birthday, Redwood Falls High School counselors Phil Hall and Paul Grogan – both former Marines – brought to school a cake they had baked for the occasion.

25 years ago

November 1994

• Cal Stronach, the public utility’s only remaining original employee and only meter reader for the previous nearly 50 years, retired. Stronach stated his job security as Redwood’s only meter reader came from the fact no one else wanted to do it.

• To pay for its new roofing project, members of the First Presbyterian Church spent three years collecting pennies. They carried the resulting 84,480 pennies in buckets in the back of a pickup when they cashed it in at the bank.

• Redwood County introduced a new voting system, in which all votes would be recorded by filling in little oval dots on a sheet of paper using a #2 pencil, then optically scanned.

10 years ago

November 2009

• Bad economic conditions in 2009 cost Redwood Falls industries 56 manufacturing jobs within a period of two weeks.

• Redwood’s new curbside trash collection system began, resulting in far more questioning and complaining calls to city hall in the first few days than the city received over voting to approve a new $8 million water treatment plant the week before.

• The Friends of the Library started a paperback book collection to send to servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan.

• Francis Petracek, 82, a RFHS Class of 1944 graduate, raised funds for the local Dollars for Scholars program by running from his hotel at Jackpot Junction to his class reunion at the high school.

• The Redwood Area Hospital dedicated its new helipad next to the west parking lot.