While putting on a three-act play comes down to three nights of performances, Whitney Hegg, Redwood Valley educator and three-act play director, knows there is much more that goes on in the weeks leading up to the show.

For her, the play is about acting, costumes, props, lights and set designs, but it is also about providing a learning experience for those who take part.

So, she will often take a step back and allow the students the opportunity to take more ownership of the production by allowing them to make suggestions about how things might be done.

This coming Thursday, Friday and Saturday (Nov. 7-9), the Redwood Valley High School theatre department will present “The Little Prince” by Rick Cummins and John Scoullar. The curtain will open each night at 7 p.m. in the PAC at Redwood Valley schools in Redwood Falls.

Admission to the show is $7 for adults and $5 for students.

Hegg said the students took ownership early on, as they were the ones who selected which play was going to be performed.

“The kids have done everything from designing the set to setting up the light program,” said Hegg, adding the cast and crew includes a great mix of students. 

The cast and crew of this year’s production includes: Christina Anderson, Rachel Anderson, Ahmed Azzab, Emma Bucholz, Ashlyn Doering, Mariah Frank, Abby Gilk, Justene Larsen, Courtney Manee, Audrey Munshower, Kaylee-Kay Nelson, Lexy Nelson, Thomas O’Keefe, Sofia Panitzke, Justus Probst, Harley Raney, Ivis Robertson, Kaylee Robinson, Zoey Salvador, Ari Shaw-Kerkhoff, Leo Steffl, Payden Beran, Maxine Gerke, Kate Kahnke, Ashtyn Altmann, Kassie Sweetman, Lexi Day, Annika Gibbs, Sam Gertsema, Chalese Rohne, Shyla Berg, Emily Benson, Kaila Renville, Kody Robinson, Sophia Schmitz, Wyatt Smith, Tara Batson, Renee Robinson, Samantha Gullickson, Makale Prescott, Jenny Vang, Trinity Milne, Natalie Sullivan and Karma Roybal.

The play tells the story of Aviator whose plane has to land in the Sahara Desert where he meets a “little man.” During their time together in the desert, the Little Prince tells the Aviator about his adventures through the galaxy, and how he met the Lamplighter, the Businessman and the Geo-grapher as well as about his relationship with a special flower on his own planet.

The public is encouraged to attend this year’s RVHS production.