In September I announced that, as of this fall, the Redwood Gazette has been serving the community for 150 years. I also indicated that I was planning on compiling some articles and other information from the past to share with you about the paper and its history.

As part of that I asked for some help from some of you who have been involved in the Gazette in one way or another, and I have been getting some great responses.

Of course, I am always looking for more.

Since I made the announcement, I was presented a couple of cool gifts related to the Gazette, including an old thermometer that is now sitting in my office. While I don’t think it actually works, it is a great part of our history that I truly do appreciate. Thanks to Deb Wormer for that really cool item.

Not that long after, Ron Tisue stopped by with a few old editions of the local paper. How he got them is a pretty interesting story. He found them under the floor of a house in town where he was working. The papers, which also include some from the Minneapolis Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press are dated from January and February 1925.

What is most amazing about the papers he brought in is the fact that they are in such great condition, with the exception of a few nail holes. Apparently, if you want to preserve something for nearly a century, the best location might just be under the floorboards.

Roger Breckenridge, who has done some pretty extensive research of the history of the community and the paper has sent me a whole lot of valuable information that I am still digesting.

To all of you I express my thanks for your interest and your willingness to share.

Just this past Friday my friend Paul Pryor stopped me at the library to talk about his memories of the paper back when he was helping deliver them. I am definitely looking forward to having that conversation.

In addition, I am still looking for others who might want to talk about their experiences with this paper, and am still trying to find out which local reader has been subscribing to the Gazette the longest.

Stephen Doms, who grew up in Redwood Falls, recently sent me an e-mail. Apparently, his mom used to work as a reporter here, and he did, too. I am also looking forward to having a conversation with him.

Also, if there is something you would like to learn about related to this newspaper, please send me your request. You don’t even have to bring me a gift – unless, of course, you really want to.

Speaking of newspaper gifts, some time ago, a portion of the front page of the New York Herald was dropped off in my office. What makes this paper so unique is that it is from 1865.

It says on the top of the paper that it is a facsimile of the original paper.

Nonetheless, it is still very old and, for me, very interesting.

I don’t know who dropped off the copy, nor do I know any of the story behind it.

If it was you, I would love to sit down and talk about how you came to possess it. Give me a call at the Gazette or send me an e-mail, and maybe we can set up a meeting.