When Redwood Valley Middle School students walk into the gym, they know their new physical education teacher, Michael Knoblauch, is focused on helping them maintain their health.

According to Knoblauch, his goal is to teach students the importance of good sportsmanship, as well as to discover ways to be physically fit.

“I want them to have some fun, too,” said Knoblauch.

Originally from Sauk Centre, Knoblauch pursued his degree in physical and health education at Southwest Minnesota State University in Marshall.

Knoblauch is also serving as the adaptive physical education (DAPE) teacher.

Knoblauch said he wanted to be a teacher because he felt it was a career choice he believed would be fulfilling, adding he chose to earn a degree in physical and health education because those are areas of interest for him.

Knoblauch said he is enjoying the chance to teach at RVMS. 

For Knoblauch, having the chance to work in a smaller school setting is ideal. So, teaching in Redwood Falls was an easy decision for him.

As he begins his career in education, Knoblauch said he is hoping to emulate other teachers who have been part of his life. That, he added, begins by demonstrating authenticity.

“I want to just be myself and to always be open and honest with the kids,” said Knoblauch, adding that also means being nice to them in and outside of class time.

As a three-sport athlete in high school, Knoblauch also has an interest in athletics, and this winter he will be coaching the seventh- and eighth-grade boys basketball team. Knoblauch said coaching will be something totally new to him, adding he will be learning along the way.

“I know I am going to have to be prepared every day,” he said.

When he is not in the gym with students or athletes, Knoblauch likes to spend his time training, going to the library and reading.

Knoblauch said he worked part-time last year in the Delano school district, adding this is his first official full-time role. The experience has been a positive one for him, and he is looking forward to continuing to have new experiences as the 2019-20 school year continues.