By next June the Redwood Area School Board will have a new superintendent on board. That is the plan the Redwood Area Board of Education officially adopted during its Oct. 28 meeting, when it approved the process and schedule that will lead to the selection of a new school administrative leader.

The process of hiring a new superintendent began when current superintendent, Rick Ellingworth, indicated to the board his intention to step down at the end of the 2019-20 school year. Ellingworth intentionally made that announcement early to allow the board enough time to properly plan for the new leader.

Things continued when the district brought Dr. Bruce Miles of Big River Group, LLC on board to assist with the plan to find a new superintendent. Miles presented the overall plan to the board during the school board meeting Oct. 28, adding the good news for the local school district is that it is beginning the search early enough that it will have an advantage over other school districts that may be looking.

Due to the early start in the process, Miles told the board that it could have a new superintendent selected as early as the middle of February. With the official approval of the process, several things will begin, said Miles. The first is the posting of the job opening in several locations. 

The board approved spending an amount not to exceed $1,500 for those job postings that will not only include Minnesota but most of the region, including the states of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa. Another element of the process is the request for input.

Miles said a survey has been developed that will allow the school staff, parents and the community as a whole to offer their thoughts on the priorities for the hiring of a new leader. The three question survey went live earlier this week and can be found at The survey will be available for three weeks. Everyone is encouraged to respond.

Miles said he anticipates anywhere from 25-35 resumes will be submitted for the role, and the board will be given a copy of each of the resumes after an initial vetting of applicants, with the board then using a score sheet to begin narrowing down the pool. Following the first look through, the remaining candidates will be sent a series of questions to respond to that will help the board even further narrow the number of candidates.

When it has reached the point where it has selected a group of candidates to interview face to face, Miles said there will be opportunities for the board, the staff and the community to meet each of those candidates and to ask questions and hear their responses. Those interviews will take place in January.

In the end, the final decision regarding the new superintendent is in the hands of the school board, but it expressed its hope that the community will provide input that will help as it moves forward in the process.