Reede Gray Elementary School in Redwood Falls celebrated Unity Day Oct. 23 by wearing orange to show its support for bullying prevention.

According to Jackie Ourada, Reede Gray School social worker, the students and staff joined together to celebrate kindness, acceptance and inclusion to make a community that is happier and healthier, a place where students can be all that they want to be.

Each of us can make our school a better place, and we know that by reaching out to say "hello" to someone new, including a new friend in your game and many other positive actions that we can make a difference, added Ourada.

Throughout October Ourada and Kari Scheffler, Redwood Area School District psychologist, went into each of the classrooms as part of their monthly lessons on social emotional learning and shared a lesson on kindness and friendship.

Students heard about a single act of kindness making a big impact and experimented with large and small objects by dropping them into water and watching the “ripple effect.”

The discussion centered around the question, “Is there any act of kindness too small to create ripples?” The discussions have revealed that the most simple, small act of a smile can spread kindness.

The students are making a kindness chain that will be displayed throughout the school as a reminder to spread kindness.

October marks National Bullying Prevention Month, and Unity Day is part of this national prevention month. Bullying affects more than one in every five students around the country.

By wearing and sharing orange on Unity Day, participants stood together against bullying and united to show kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

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