A standing room only crowd gathered Oct. 22 at the Redwood County government center in Redwood Falls.

The 40-plus people who came were there for the county’s tax forfeited property auction.

A total of 20 properties scattered throughout the county were up for sale to the highest bidder. While some were there out of curiosity, most showed up looking to buy, and, according to Jean Price, Redwood County auditor-treasurer, 18 of those parcels were sold, bringing in total gross revenue, with the addition of a repurchase of a parcel in Walnut Grove back in August, of $46,975.65.

After costs for conducting the auction, as well as other associated funding requirements, are met, the dollars collected during the auction are apportioned. That remaining balance is divided between the respective city or township, which receives 20 percent, the school district, which receives 40 percent and the county, which receives 40 percent.

According to Price, there are two parcels that did not sell at the auction. They are located in the City of Sanborn.

The parcels are at 221 West Yaeger Street, which has an appraised value of $100, and 331 River Street, which has an appraised value of $100. The two parcels each also have assessments of $2,950. The parcels are being sold on a first come basis. There are also other fees and taxes that will apply.

In recent weeks, the Redwood County board has been discussing a new tax forfeited blight matching grant program that would assist Redwood County municipalities that have acquired properties with the intent to remove them. The proposed program is being reviewed by the Redwood County attorney.