When Dustin Kelm was 10 years old, he asked for a specific gift.

He wanted a unicycle.

That gift continued to give over the next few decades, as Kelm learned through persistence not only to ride a unicycle but to become very good at it.

In fact, Kelm has been a three-time national unicycle champion, as well as a world champion.

Kelm brought his skills and collection of unicycles to Redwood Falls Oct. 10 where he presented a program for the Redwood Valley schools students. The lyceum was sponsored by the Redwood ministerial association as well as the local Youth for Christ program.

In addition to performing a variety of stunts, including ascending and descending steps and juggling 10 feet above the gym floor, Kelm also offered a message to the students.

“Never give up,” he said, adding it was persistence that ultimately led him to his success as a unicyclist.

Yes, said Kelm, there are going to be challenges in life, adding there may be times when one feels helpless or hopeless, but he said there is a way to find that hope.

Kelm, who also spoke that Thursday night in the community, said he found his hope not in his successes but in his faith in God.

Kelm said he has been around the world with his message, adding he enjoys the chance to open doors through his unicycle program. That provides the opportunity to talk candidly with people about what he believes and why he believes it.

For 37 years, Kelm has used his interest and the skills he has developed to provide people around the world with hope.

“I love what I am doing,” he said, adding people need a reason to hope.

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