50 years ago

October 1969

• Several days after the highway department set up a roadside sign on Highway 101 recognizing North Redwood as the birthplace of Sears, someone stole it.

• Collections to the Redwood Falls Community Chest campaign totaled $8,345.

• Local fans of televised football reacted with outrage when Northern States Power announced it would be shutting off electricity to the Redwood TV Improvement Corporation’s Morton tower on a Sunday afternoon for regular maintenance.

• Redwood Falls Hospital anesthetist Kenneth Olson stated the hospital’s new “Foregger anesthesia gas machine” was state-of-the-art and the best of its kind, because it eliminated almost all unpleasant side-effects.

• Seventh and eighth graders at Redwood Catholic School toured Myron Frank’s sugar beet farm as part of an economic project, where they learned about the importance of good conservation, budgeting and accounting.

• The Morgan Fire Department’s annual dance was held on a Sunday in between the firefighters’ putting out two farm fires – one in the afternoon and one in the late evening.

• Planet of the Apes was one of the movies playing at the Redwood Theater, while the Falls Theatre was showing Rowan & Martin’s The Maltese Bippy.

• A Gazette reader, in a letter to the editor, asked the names of juveniles and mentally ill people be made public since “everyone who knows them will already know, and those that don’t, their name will make no difference one way or another.”

• The Redwood Falls Country Club was one of two sites that was chosen by the Minnesota Newspaper Association for its presentation, “Ninety-nine ways to make your newspaper newsier.” The other site was in Rochester.

25 years ago

October 1994

• Don Myers, Redwood Falls’ famous bald-as-a-cue-ball barber, retired after cutting hair in town for the previous 37 years.

• Redwood Falls High School was one of six schools to form a Southwestern Conference-level bowling team.

10 years ago

October 2009 

• The United Way’s first Jail ‘n Bail fundraiser was expected to raise $5,000 for local good causes. Thanks to getting more volunteers than expected, it raised $12,000 instead.

• Redwood County added a circle sentencing option to its court system.