Redwood Falls is one of the highest-donating blood drive communities in Minnesota, per capita, and several hundred area residents turned out Oct. 14-15 to give.

It’s always a bit of a balancing act, setting a goal for a blood drive. You want to set a number of collected units that’s realistic for that area, based on history.

However, you also have to take into account a certain number of donors who have appointments won’t show up for whatever reason.

That number will be balanced by walk-ins who come to donate despite not having appointments, inevitable deferrals for medical or other reasons, incomplete units and double red cell donors who count twice.

The goal the Red Cross set for last week was 236 units in Redwood Falls.

After the balancing act was done, the Red Cross drove away Tuesday evening with 227 units of blood more than they had arrived with Monday.

As always, a number of donors last week made personal milestones:

• First Time Donor: Matthew Smith

• One Gallon - Peggy Dolezal, Holly Larsen, Michele Reding Quast

• Two Gallon - Makayla Cain, Cody Coltrain

• Three Gallon - Konnie Deklerk, Thomas Madson, Kathleen Meyers

• Five Gallon - Eleanor Eichten, Geri Theis

• Six Gallon - Barry Rockvam, Jim Hacker, Michael Neudecker

• Seven Gallon - Joseph Salfer, Patricia Salmon

• Eight Gallon - Scott Baune, Mary Liebl, Steve Gramstad

• Nine Gallon - Tracy Rasmussen, Michael U’Ren, Josephine Kremin

• 10 Gallon - DaWayne Lyle, Ellen Picka, Kent Runkel, Judith Hacker

• 12 Gallon - Denise Kalkhoff, Dennis Rothmeier, Gary Meyers

• 15 Gallon - Vernon Guggisberg, Joyce Nolting, Albert Kamp

• 16 Gallon - Scott Hyland