Alexandra “Lexi” Holman did not want to be a teacher.

Growing up in Sauk Rapids, Holman could list off a number of family members who were involved in education.

For her, the interest in becoming a teacher only changed after a friend convinced her the classroom is where she belonged. So, Holman earned a degree in elementary education from Concordia University in Mequon, Wis.

Now Holman is putting what she learned into practice as a sixth-grade teacher at Redwood Valley Middle School where she is teaching math and science.

“I love to see kids have that ‘aha’ moment,” said Holman, adding the smallest of breakthroughs in the classroom are enjoyable.

Holman said her elementary degree allows her to teach students up through Grade 8, and she actually spent time student teaching at the eighth-grade level while in college.

“I thought that eighth grade was where I wanted to be,” said Holman.

However, she was offered a job at RVMS teaching sixth graders, and now she loves that and is not sure she would want to go back to Grade 8. She also believes it is in those upper grades where she belongs.

Holman said she appreciates knowing she can have a intelligent conversation with her students that one might not be able to do with younger students, and yet they are still very moldable.

“I believe I can make a difference with them,” she said, adding they still show interest in what is being taught.

For Holman, teaching math and science is a lot of fun, adding they are subjects she has always enjoyed.

“In math everything has an answer,” she said.

In science there are lots of opportunities for students to work with their hands, adding students in her science class recently built go-carts. 

For the first-year teacher things have been going well, and she is glad to have the opportunity to be at Redwood Valley.

In fact, Holman said Redwood Falls is centrally located for much of her family giving her the chance to visit them without having to drive a significant distance.

“I love it here,” she said. “Everyone is so friendly in the school and in the community. People have been so welcoming and inviting.”

For Holman, education is not limited to the classroom, as she will also be involved in athletics as an assistant coach for the Redwood Valley boys hockey team. Having played hockey during her growing up years and continuing that at the college level, Holman has developed a passion for the winter sport.

Now she has the chance to share that passion with other athletes.

“I have been playing hockey for 18 years,” said Holman.

Holman said she has had some coaching experience in her past and is looking forward to the start of the upcoming season. Being a coach, she added, is not that different from being a teacher, although in her case the rink is a bit colder than her room.

When she is not spending time as a teacher or coach, Holman said she enjoys being with her family and friends, watching sports, attending sporting events and concerts and reading.