Several weeks ago, someone walked into my office.

She had a bit of a timid look on her face, but she also seemed determined to talk to me about something I could tell was very important to her.

That day I had another commitment and could not talk with her, but what she initially told me did more than pique my interest.

This woman was challenging what I believed to be true and what I had been taught for years. Soon after we met at my office, sat down and talked about a life-changing event that happened when she was a teenager.

Her name is Corrie.

Corrie recalled the day it happened. It was a rainy day in October, and she was on her way home from work. A car pulled up and offered her a ride.

“He was a nice guy,” said Corrie.

That impression changed when Corrie found herself in unfamiliar territory on a rural dirt road face to face with a knife-wielding man.

“He raped me,” said Corrie.

Corrie recalls being driven back to where she had been and dropped off. The police were contacted, and there was an investigation. Not long after Corrie found out she was pregnant with a decision to make, but for her there really was no decision. She was going to have that baby.

“I do not believe in abortion,” Corrie said, adding that was how she had been raised.

I, like Corrie, am also pro-life, but growing up I had heard countless times that there were logical exceptions to that - in the case of incest, when the life of the mother was threatened and in cases of rape. I would have taken those beliefs to my grave had it not been for Corrie.

Having made the choice to have the baby, Corrie gave birth to a son June 20, 1982. Corrie said she never found out anything about the father, adding he knows what he did and will have to live with that for the rest of his life.

Corrie speaks with pride about her son, calling him special and adding he did not know about what happened to his mom until he was a teenager. Corrie said the first thing her son did when he found out was to demonstrate compassion to his mom, expressing how sorry he was that happened to her.

Corrie said she has no regrets when it comes to her son, adding it was never his fault that any of this happened.

“You don’t have to kill the baby,” said Corrie, adding there are options even if one does not want to keep the baby. 

Corrie admitted there are times when she is reminded of what happened to her, but throughout her life she has been taught to forgive. Her son has learned those same lessons, and he has been told consistently through his life that abortion is not an option.

“I love being a mom,” said Corrie. “I love my son.”

Corrie added that all along the way she has received support from people, including her parents, as she raised her son. Life has not always been easy for Corrie. She has faced other life challenges, but she has never taken the easy way or the convenient way.

Growing up, I have been told time and time again that as a man abortion is not my business. I have always believed it is my business to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

This coming Wednesday (Oct. 9) Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) is hosting an educational event at the Pizza Ranch in Redwood Falls. The presentation is set to start at 7 p.m. I want to encourage you to attend that meeting and to listen with an open mind.

I will never be critical of a woman who has had an abortion. I honestly would never have looked down on Corrie had she made a different choice, but the beauty of her story is that she didn’t.

I hope one day to be able to shake the hand of her son.

Thank you, Corrie, for being brave enough to tell your story.