Recently, I was cleaning the basement of the home I grew up in, which is now where I live.

Basements have always given me the creeps, and the basement of the house I grew up in does a great job of feeding that fear.

After a decade of neglect, it was time to tackle and work my charm on cleaning it.

One part of the basement is under the original part of the house, dating back about 100 years or so. It’s dark, musty and creepy, but isn’t that any old farm house basement?

The other part of the basement is under the new addition of the house, built sometime around 1985. While cleaning the basement I had no mercy in donating every item in the basement. After all, our basement is a graveyard of junk that we will never use again.

In the corner of the basement I found the old TV set I can remember watching as a child, and I’m 41 now. It’s an old console TV, with a volume dial and channel dials.

Surprisingly, after being in the basement for about 30 years or more, it was in great shape, minus the fact that the tube doesn’t work, which is why it went into the basement in the first place.

Seeing our old TV set brought back lots of memories. I decided it was one of the few things in the basement that I was actually going to keep, simply because I didn’t wanna haul it anywhere.

As I began dusting it off I could remember watching old TV classics like “Dukes of Hazzard,” “Scooby-Doo” “Solid Gold,” “Hee Haw,” “Dance Fever,” “Knight Rider” and countless others.

I can also remember the arguments within my family deciding who would actually get up and turn up/down the volume or who would simply turn the channel. Sometimes we all were too lazy or stubborn to get up and change the channel, and we simply watched what was on. It is hilarious to think about that in the tech savvy and instant gratification world we live in now.

Also, I can remember having four TV channels: PBS, channel 4 (CBS), channel 5 (ABC), and NBC. If we had another channel or two I don’t recall it.

Eventually the TV went out, and they no longer made tubes for old models. So we had to get a new TV in the 1980s.

Regardless, seeing the old TV set brought back good memories of when my family collectively spent time together.

Today, TV and pop culture dominate our society and culture, and today’s television shows largely bore me. Give me the good old classics that were designed to entertain and bring laughs to the viewers; I still watch them today.

With each passing month I get more and more nostalgic. Life simply goes by quickly, but instead of panicking I simply choose to embrace it.

After all, time stands still for no one, ever.

It’s hard to say what will become of the old TV set in the basement, but every time I think of the sounds the knobs made when we had to turn the channel I will always remember the TV classics, family and television history I hold near and dear even to this day.