Minnesota’s often forgotten “middle of nowhere” now poses to become “somewhere” this coming Saturday (Sept. 28), during the first ever Hinterland Art Crawl when roughly 40 local artists participating across Murray, Cottonwood, Brown and Redwood counties join together for an effort to show the world that they too have an artistic voice to share.

The event lasts from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Saturday, with art crossing the spectrum of both history and taste.

From native works of Lakota artists to metal sculptures by European descendants and from chalk art to seed art, southwest Minnesota embraces the arts with an unprecedented gathering of creators.

“We were both surprised and delighted by how many creators signed on to be a part of the art crawl,” David KelseyBassett, one of the five artists on the art crawl leadership team, said. “The turnout and the diversity of our local talent, that shows just how much people out here have to show off.”

The Hinterland Art Crawl is a free, self-guided tour of art and artist studios in the area. The tour is both spread wide and consolidated, featuring 40 artists located at 12 locations ranging from Windom to Redwood Falls and Springfield to Tracy. Windom will host artists at BARC and the Cottonwood County Historical Society. 

In the Redwood Falls area, the Lower Sioux Indian Community, Back Door Alley, the Molly Schweinfurter Studio and the Tatanka Arts group will be participating.

Steve Mark of Springfield will be presenting his mixed media paintings and sculptures at Smiling Tree Toys. Located a few miles south of Lamberton, Smiling Tree Toys is one of six crawl hubs of activity, where several artists will be presenting their works to the public.

Painted Prairie Vineyard near Dovray will be host to six local artists.

Jeffers Petroglyphs will be open and free to the public during the crawl Saturday.

Clayton Hubert, co-founder of Lamberton’s annual Hot Iron Days, will open his home studio in Lamberton for the crawl.

To see the entire roster of artists and where they will be on crawl day, visit the Hinterland Art Crawl Web site.

“There’s so much artistry here, and it gets overlooked or forgotten. We want to bring all of these local artists together and into the spotlight,” Sara Wahl, co-chair of the art crawl said.

The geographic area of the art crawl area is roughly from Redwood Falls to Windom (north to south) and from Springfield to Tracy (east to west). The Hinterland, as defined in the dictionary, is “the often uncharted areas beyond a coastal district or a river’s banks.” It is a definition that matches the prairie land perfectly, inviting both residents and newcomers to explore country roads that lead to winding rivers, abandoned barns and unexpected treasures.

For more information and locations, visit hinterlandartcrawl.com or call (612) 968-6207.