Jamison Panitzke, owner and operator of Mid County Ag Services, LLC of Wabasso, provides the agriculture community a full service of Pioneer corn, soybean and alfalfa seed.

Panitzke also provides Encirca services, which is a digital ag company Pioneer owns that has services, such as VRS prescriptions, satellite imagery, nitrogen/fertility management programs, weather data, financial management services through Granular and more.

In addition to these services Mid County Ag Services provides field by field planning, seed treating, crop insurance, 24-hour seed delivery, crop scouting, planting and harvest data management, free seed wagon rental and plot planting.

Mid County Ag Services began in October 2018.

Panitzke took over the seed business from Jeff Schoer of Schoer Seeds who was in the seed business for 15 years. Panitzke worked for Schoer Seeds for the past couple of years as a promoter. Now the two have swapped roles, with Panitzke as the owner of Mid County Ag Services and Schoer providing support for the next few years helping with the digital ag side of the business as well as crop insurance.

Panitzke’s passion for agriculture began in childhood growing up on a corn, soybean and livestock farm that his parents and grandparents ran until 1995.

“I have always had a passion for farming/agriculture in general, so even after my family quit farming in 1995 I continued to stay involved in agriculture by working for other farmers in the area after school and through the summer,” said Panitzke.

Panitzke attended Ridgewater College in Willmar and graduated with an ag business/agronomy degree in 2009.

Prior to starting Mid County Ag Service, he spent six years working for Pioneer in soybean research and development out of Redwood Falls where he got to see firsthand new soybean varieties that were being developed, which he sells today.

Panitzke is the sole owner of Mid County Ag Services but will also be renting office and warehouse space in the new building to Justin Morin, of Morin Ag.

Schoer will be working from his current office north of Wanda, but he will have an office in Mid County Ag Services as seasonal and customer convenience dictates.

Mid County Ag Service is located at 182 State Highway 68 in Wabasso.

Contact Jamison Panitzke at (507) 430-9184, or e-mail Jamison.panitzke@plantpioneer.com.