Redwood County property owners are going to see an increase in the property taxes they pay in 2020, but at this point they just don’t know how much.

What is known is that the total property tax increase will not be higher than 3.6 percent, as that is what the county board approved at its meeting Tuesday.

According to state statute, local units of government are required to approve a preliminary levy for the upcoming year and then submit that to the State of Minnesota by Sept. 30.

Once that preliminary number has been approved, it can’t be increased. However, the board does have the opportunity to lower it when the levy is certified prior to the end of the year. 

According to Vicki Knobloch, county administrator, the initial proposal was for a 5.5 percent increase, but that included $650,000 for the possible bonding of dollars for the courthouse project. With that project up in the air, the county budget committee reduced the amount significantly to get to the 3.6 percent increase.

Additional funds would be included in the levy that would be allocated to the building fund which would allow the county board to move forward with some elements of the project if it decides to do that and to work on any tasks it might want to do in the old human services building.

The 3.6 percent increase means an adjusted tax levy of $12,959,508 for 2020, compared to the $12,508,121 tax levy for 2019.

The board will hold a Truth in Taxation meeting regarding the levy Nov. 26 at 6 p.m.

In other action during its meeting, the county board:

• Appointed Anthony Sellner as the Redwood County engineer. Sellner then took the oath of office for his new county role.