The Redwood Falls DNR office is looking for the public’s help acquiring milkweed seed for prairie restoration projects.

Monarch butterflies, whose caterpillars must have milkweed to survive and grow, have been in drastic decline over the past 20 years.

In an effort to help reverse this decline the DNR would like to include milkweed seed in its prairie restorations.

Anyone interested in helping Monarchs is encouraged to pick mature milkweed seed pods and drop them off at the DNR office at 1241 East Bridge Street in Redwood Falls.

Seed pods are mature when the seeds inside have turned dark brown, and when the pods are just beginning to split open.

Those who plan to bring seeds to the DNR office need to call ahead at (507) 637-4076 to arrange a drop-off time.

– Photo courtesy of the Internet Public Domain