50 years ago

August 1969

• Redwood County Road 101, the new connection between Highway 19 and North Redwood, opened for traffic. The previous road between Redwood Falls and North Redwood was closed, because a section of the road bed was slipping off the hillside.

• Quin Stangby, manager of Ehler’s Men’s Store, said the oddest item he’d noted someone shoplifting was when he stumbled across a man stealing the merit badge patches from a Boy Scout uniform on display.

• The city council officially began seeking federal funds to extend the Redwood Falls airport’s runway from 2,500 to 4,000 feet.

• The councilors also debated whether or not to require long-haired boys to wear swimming caps in the public swimming pool next year, because all of the long hair was “raising cain” with pool filters.

• Students between grades 7-11 in schools across Redwood County were tested for tuberculosis, as administered through a program by the Granite Falls outpatient clinic.

• For the fifth straight year, a new attendance record was set at Red-wood Falls schools. On opening day, 1,750 students were registered for the school district.

• Two girls in the Milroy senior class started school in casts because of horse riding accidents. Peggy Christensen broke her arm falling off a horse several days before school started, while Vicki Wood broke her ankle during a horse show held in Marshall the previous month.

• Redwood County residents contributed $40 toward the $15 million that was needed to help southern gulf coast residents who lost their houses in Hurricane Camille.

25 years ago

August 1994

• The Redwood Falls city hall remodeling was nearly complete, with the public utilities and city staff sharing quarters, all door frames and countertops being reused and the universally despised ugly orange carpeting being the only thing 100 percent replaced.

• According to a state report, weekly wages in Redwood and Renville counties were about $150 less than the state-wide average.

10 years ago

August 2009

• Four of the surviving five members of the Redwood Falls High School Class of 1934 gathered for a 75 year reunion at Garnette Gardens.

• With the opening of the new family aquatic center, pool attendance in Redwood Falls nearly tripled from the previous year.

• Ground was broken for the new pavilion at the Gilfillan Estates.

• Area school districts were preparing for the H1N1 flu virus which was going around.