I received an e-mail from my best half Aug. 27.

The message included a link to a story about what were considered a series of books that I as a student of the Bible and lay preacher “must have.”

Among those were a couple that are already part of my library, or should I say the piles of books I am still organizing into what I hope some day will be a library.

There were others that I had heard of but, to my immediate recollection, are not there. (Honestly, they might be, and I have not found them yet.)

Either way, I now have a longer list of books that I “need.”

My thoughtful best half is consistently sending that kind of information my way, and several months ago actually sent me a message about a book store in Stillwater that was closing. I could have purchased the entire inventory for about $40,000.

I dreamed for a very brief moment, only to be brought down to earth.

I am beginning to think that I might need to have one of those interventions to address what others might consider an unhealthy obsession. Should that happen, I am pretty certain my best half (aka, the enabler) would not be able to participate.

In fact, I am pretty certain many of the people I know would have a hard time seriously convincing me that having more books is a bad thing.

I would have to find someone who hates books, and I can’t think of anyone like that.

Some of the millennial generation that has moved away from hard copies of books and are reading stories online could be described as book haters.

Then again, maybe my best option is to find a book that can guide me through the process of moving beyond what I call passion but others call being impulsive.

Sounds like I need to start another “must have” list, or maybe I already have one of those books, too.