During the 25-plus years Tammy Yackley spent in the classroom, she had the chance to serve in various leadership roles. So, as her career continued, it made sense for her to take that leadership experience to the next level.

That next level officially began July 1 when Yackley became the new middle-school and high-school principal for the Cedar Mountain School District.

Yackley said she has enjoyed the opportunities she has had to be a leader, adding it has been in the back of her mind for the past few years.

“It started eight years ago,” said Yackley who admitted up to that point she had not really thought much about moving into an administrative role because she enjoyed being an educator. 

Yackley has been a teacher for 26 years, working in the New Ulm School District. She has served in various positions over the years in the middle school, and most recently was teaching fifth and sixth graders.

Yackley earned her bachelors degree from St. Cloud State University and went on to earn a masters degree from St. Mary’s University and her administrative certification from Concordia University in St. Paul.

Yackley, who considers herself to be a lifelong learner, said she is looking forward to jumping in with both feet in her new administrative role learning all along the way.

The role of principal for approximately 300 students at the middle- and high-school level at Cedar Mountain will be her first as an administrator. She believes her role as principal is to not only help provide the best educational environment for the students in Grades 6-12 but also to help the staff at the school to ensure they are able to do their job to the best of their abilities.

Yackley said she applied for different positions, but when she arrived in Morgan and interviewed for the position at Cedar Mountain she said this was where she hoped to be.

“There is something about this school that just felt right,” she said, adding the people she met and the impression she got of the community as a whole convinced her that Cedar Mountain was a good place.

Yackley said she considers herself to be an outgoing person, adding while she knows there will be plenty of days when she will have to be working on tasks in her office her ultimate goal is to be out and about in the school interacting with students and staff throughout the year.

Yackley said one of her biggest concerns going into an administrative role is missing the classroom setting.

“I love teaching,” she said, adding getting into classrooms however she can, even if that means serving as a substitute teacher when the need arises, will be a priority for her. “I want people to know that I am available, and I want to be visible.”

Yackley is married and has three children, and when she is not in school she enjoys biking, walking, reading and spending time with her family.

For Yackley, Sept. 3 is a day she is very much looking forward to as the students return and the 2019-20 school year gets under way.