The 2019-20 school year is going to be another milestone for the Krause clan. This year marks the time when we move beyond the halfway mark of getting the Krause progeny through high school.

My Amos will start his senior year in just a few days, and, while, I am looking forward to the start of another academic year, I will admit things this year seem a little different than the others. I am not exactly sure what that difference is this year. The good news is that I have nine months to figure it out.

That will be plenty of time, right?

I think part of it is just knowing that there will be fewer Krause children who will be growing up in the Krause home, as more of them reach adulthood and start having families of their own.

The good news is that my Gideon starts first grade this year, which means I will still have lots of years left before that new reality sets in. There is still plenty of time for that, too, right?

In the 20-plus years I have been working for the Gazette, I have had plenty of first-time experiences as I meet new people and walk alongside others who are trying things in their lives for the first time. Sometimes those things are a great success, while, at other times, that effort does not pay off.

In most cases, what impresses me most is when people are willing to stick their neck out to try something new – even when they know there are people in the community who are absolutely convinced it “will never work.”

Tuesday morning (Aug. 20) I saw a picket line for the first time as part of this job. The local hospital’s nurses are in the midst of contract negotiations, and in an effort to help move things along they held what is known as an informational picket Tuesday morning.

Over the years I have listened and learned about labor negotiations, and there have been times when I wondered if a strike was going to happen.

Let me be clear.

What was happening Tuesday was not a strike. No one skipped their shift to stand along Fallwood Road that morning. Rather, it was about community awareness. You all likely know my opinion of unions, but for those of you who don’t let me share that I don’t really like them.

In fact, I would never intentionally work at a job if I knew that the employees were represented by a union. Yet, I also understand there are cases in history where they have demonstrated their usefulness.

I am applauding the nurses for having the courage to stand out on the side of a small-town street and express their feelings. I think it takes a lot of courage to do what they did.

Thanks, also, for the care you offer this community through the jobs that you do. When I saw the faces of nurses who have helped me and my family over the years out holding those signs the whole issue got a lot more personal. …

I started paging through the Redwood Area School District 2019-20 calendar the other day and came across some of those events I look forward to every year. The choir and band concerts are coming…