Sitting in a parking lot along Bridge Street in Redwood Falls on a recent Friday afternoon, Cody and Karlie Wellnitz of rural Redwood Falls were open for business, and, according to them business has been going pretty well.

Cody and Karlie Wellnitz are the owners and operators of Ten Creek Range, which offers “top quality, home-raised, natural beef and pork the regenerative way.”

The meat that Ten Creek Range offers for sale is sourced from Stoney Creek Farm, said Karlie. That operation is owned and operated by Karlie’s parents Grant and Dawn Breitkreutz.

Ten Creek Range purchases the animals from Stoney Creek Farm and then ships that meat to a processing facility in Elkton, S.D. Karlie added they selected that facility because of its reputation, and that it is one of few locations certified by the USDA. 

All of the people who work through Stoney Creek Farm and Ten Creek Range are beef quality assurance certified, and those animals raised on the farm are treated humanely.

The idea of bringing Ten Creek Range to the table was an effort to diversify the family’s overall operation.

“We wanted to bring our own enterprise to the operation,” said Cody, adding this was their way of bringing in something unique to the family farm.

Karlie added another idea behind Ten Creek Range is being able to tell those who buy their product exactly where it came from and how it was raised.

The idea, she explained, is to provide the consumer with a product that comes from the farm to the fork and being able to tell them everything that happened along the way.

The name Ten Creek Range is a tribute to the area where the family lives, said Karlie, adding they enjoy the fact that they are able to farm in the Minnesota River Valley and in that area they can list at least 10 different creeks in their area that are part of that watershed.

All of the meat is non-GMO, and the beef and swine are all pasture raised.

The beef are all Red Angus, which is a breed the family has been raising for a number of years, said Karlie.

The pork is a mix of two breeds - Red Wattle and Berkshire. The pork sold by Ten Creek Range is a red meat and is in high demand.

All cuts of meat are available, with some specialty items also offered, such as beef sticks.

When one stops by the Ten Creek Range trailer parked Fridays in Redwood Falls from 12-6 p.m., not only will they be served by Cody and Karlie but they will hear in their voices the passion they have for what they are doing.

This is something they firmly believe in, and that is part of what has led to what is a strong and growing reputation.

In addition to being in Redwood Falls, Cody and Karlie travel to the metro area and Sioux Falls, and one may place orders through social media.

To learn more about Ten Creek Range, send an e-mail to Cody and Karlie at, visit their Facebook Page, call (507) 616-6056 or (507) 430-3062 or visit