Todd Brassow is excited for Aug. 27, as that is the first day of school for students at St. John Lutheran in Redwood Falls.

While Brassow has experienced his share of first days, this one will be different, as he has taken on a new role.

Starting this school year, Brassow is serving as principal for St. John. Brassow is familiar with the local Christian school, as he has been a teacher and athletic director there for the past two school years.

“I came in 2017,” Brassow said, adding he could not have imagined how things would change for him in two years. 

Brassow came to St. John as a seventh- and eighth-grade teacher, but said moving into an administrative role was something on his mind while he was still in college.

Brassow said he appreciated the opportunity he was given by former St. John principal Dave Gartner to learn more about what it means to be an administrator and to have him mentor him along the way about what that role entails.

Brassow said this was part of the long-term plan for him in education, but he did not think it would happen this soon.

In the weeks that Brassow has already been serving in his new role he has learned a lot.

“I will be wearing a lot of hats,” he said. “This is a busy job. There has not been a day when I had nothing to do, and I like that.”

Brassow said he knows that he will miss the classroom atmosphere, but there will be chances for him to fill that role.

In fact, he will be providing physical education for students in Kindergarten, first and second grade. He will also be teaching algebra to the eighth-grade students.

Recognizing the important faith element of the education, Brassow said he also will be offering devotions to the students on a regular basis during the school year, and he will also offer devotions for the teaching staff.

Brassow said he is seeing the staff from a whole different perspective as an administrator, and he has been very impressed with what he has witnessed, adding throughout the summer the teachers have been at the school.

“There are teachers here every day,” said Brassow, adding working with them has been a great experience, because he knows they are putting the students first.

There are three new teachers who will join the staff at St. John this year, and Brassow said he is looking forward to seeing what they are able to do. He said he has also been very impressed with what he has seen from them so far.

As the principal, Brassow knows he will be looking at the big picture for the school, adding that means working with the school leaders, the church leaders and the Redwood community. Brassow said he looks forward to the chance he will have for those interactions.

School starts for St. John students this coming Tuesday (Aug. 27), and Brassow said he is excited to be able to get the school year started.

“I am looking forward to seeing the school in action again,” said Brassow, adding he loves seeing the excitement students bring with them

The current enrollment is 160 students in preschool through the eighth grade, and Brassow said his priority is helping each of those students grow in their faith as they fulfill the mission of the program to make disciples of Jesus and to learn the fundamentals of a good education.

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