Stitching itself into the quilting scene nearly one year ago, Stitchin’ It Up Quilt Shop is a regional one-stop shop for all things quilting. Owner Merrilee Rogotzke had the dream of opening her own quilt shop years ago, and slowly over time she planned and assembled her business plan just like a quilt.

Rogotzke became interested in sewing when she was in 4-H. Later, in the mid 1990s Rogotzke began quilting and immediately “got hooked,” she said.

Over Rogotzke’s professional career she worked as a medical transcriptionist and enjoyed quilting in her free time. As time progressed Rogotzke began plotting her dream of owning a quilt shop.

First Rogotzke purchased the home that now houses her quilt shop in Lamberton and eventually retired from her job. Rogotzke opened Stitchin’ It Up Quilt Shop Sept. 10, 2018.

“It’s going better than I ever dreamt,” said Rogotzke.

Stitchin’ It Up Quilt Shop offers everything a quilter needs: quilting fabric, patterns, notions and even quilting classes to both youth and adults wishing to learn sewing and quilting.

Creating a quilt

The process of creating a quilt design can vary for many. For Rogotzke the process includes finding inspirations from the world around her, typically from other quilters on the internet and from visiting with others.

Next in the process is the selection of fabric, which can be challenging for some in coordinating patterns and colors together. Once a quilter is happy with their fabric choices, the process of cutting out the pieces of fabric to be assembled into the quilt is the next step. Sewing the fabric pieces into “blocks” is the next step.

That is followed by sewing the top quilt, batting and the bottom together. For this process Rogotzke uses a longarm quilting machine which is used to sew together the quilt top, quilt batting and quilt backing into a finished quilt.

A longarm sewing machine frame can range from 10-14 feet in length and has several rollers on which the fabric layers and batting are attached.

Into the future

As Stitchin’ It Up continues to be successful, Rogotzke is sharing her talents with others wanting to learn quilting. Rogotzke offers quilting classes for adults and kids throughout the year, and most recently she had seven area youth learn quilting and sewing techniques this summer.

Rogotzke’s passion to share and educate her skills of quilting is going to take on an even larger role this upcoming school year. Recently, Phil Goetstouwers, high-school principal at Red Rock Central, contacted Rogotzke to ask her if she would consider teaching a sewing and quilting class to participating high-school students this up-coming winter semester.

Rogotzke jumped at the offer and is excited to teach the skill to the younger generation.

Operating Stitchin’ It Up is a full-time job for Rogotzke, yet she still finds time to enjoy her hobby of quilting by attending various quilting shows to showcase her work as well as network with fellow quilters.

With a successful year of business behind her, Rogotzke is looking into the future and wanting to focus on growing her business hours as well as her online presence.

For more information on Stitchin’ It Up Quilt Shop or to purchase quilting items online visit:, or call (507) 421-6042.