50 years ago

August 1969

• Major changes were happening with Redwood Falls’ media companies. The Gazette announced it would soon move into the former First Northwestern National Bank building downtown, while KLGR Radio announced it would soon build a new two-story studio building on the west edge of town.

• The Redwood Falls Hospital announced it would soon have an open house for the public to inspect the new, $1 million addition to the hospital’s eastern side.

• On the other hand, construction crews and workers were desperately trying to finish the new addition to Reede Gray Elementary School before the first day of the new school year.

• In a first, the prizes for the upcoming classic tournament at the Redwood Falls Golf Club would all be items of clothing, such as three-piece suits, sport coats, shoes, hats, sweaters, slacks and knit shirts. The sponsor for the tournament was Ehlers’ clothing store.

• A big crowd turned out to the Redwood Speedway when it was announced the 1969 Ford Cobra they had been using as a pace car would be given away.

25 years ago

August 1994

• The Redwood Area Library Foundation purchased the lot of the former St. Catherine’s Catholic Church for $34,000 (plus a dollar a year lease from one of the owners) which would be the site for the new Redwood Falls Public Library.

• Hi-Way Lanes bowling alley had to be temporarily closed when 6.5 inches of rain in one night caused the lanes to be flooded under two inches of water the following day.

• The former Jefferson Mall in downtown Redwood was chosen to be the site of the new Redwood County Public Health offices.

• According to the Office of the Minnesota State Demographer, Redwood County lost a total of just four residents from 1990-93.

10 years ago

August 2009

• RFHS graduates Tim and Pat Gerrety were part of an eight-man special effects crew in Hollywood who helped build the creatures for the movie adaptation of Maurice Sendak’s book “Where the Wild Things Are.”

• Three West Virginia Lutheran pastors passed through Redwood Falls as part of their 1,300 mile bike ride to combat world hunger.

• The original McDonald’s restaurant in Redwood Falls was demolished, so that a new, larger building could be constructed. Owner Jim Olson said people were still going up to the drive-through trying to order an hour before the demolishing happened.

• Educational news: Stephanie Perry was named the new principal at Reede Gray Elementary School, and the Minnesota West site in the Redwood County government building was set to open on schedule.