50 years ago

August 1969

• Redwood Gazette editor John Schneider told about his father’s death the previous week. Schneider’s daughter Lisa had showed her grandfather the hippie two-fingered “peace” sign, and said her grandpa had gotten quite a kick out of it. Several days later, as Schneider’s father sat down to eat breakfast and read the morning newspaper, he gave his wife the peace sign, saying “Peace.” It was his last word. Several moments later he was dead.

• For the first time, Redwood Falls kindergarteners and first graders would be allowed to ride buses to and from school. Also, the school board voted to allow students attending the Redwood Catholic school to participate in the school bus system.

• Pfc. Edward Hewett, 20, of Redwood Falls, received grenade shrapnel wounds in the legs and left hand after being in Vietnam for less than three weeks. He was flown to a hospital in Colorado for treatment.

• Renville County’s oldest resident, Carrie Felska, 105, died at the Renville County Hospital. When Felska was born in Lakeville, Minn., 13 months before the end of the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln was president.

• A huge, hollow box elder tree trunk in Delhi acted as a chimney, shooting flames from the top when the Red-wood Falls Fire Department arrived to put out the fire.

• A small helicopter being used for doing pollinating work for DeKalb was damaged when its tail rotors struck the concrete wall blocks of the wall of the FAA administration building at the Redwood Falls airport. The pilot and passenger were unharmed.

25 years ago

August 1994

• Organizers announced the first Relay for Life cancer research fundraiser would be held in Redwood County at Memorial Field, with teams walking or jogging the track throughout the night.

• Jackpot Junction Casino announced it planned to build a new $17 million hotel and convention center.

• The city council approved a request from the school district to rename the street in front of Redwood Valley High School/Middle School in honor of former local educator George Ramseth.

• Nearly 55, 000 people attended Farmfest the first time the event was held at the Gilfillan Estate, with more than 4,000 of those visitors touring the old home itself.

10 years ago

August 2009

• The ACMC Clinic and Redwood Area Hospital jointly purchased a quarter-million dollar digital mammography machine, which neither medical facility could have purchased on its own.

• Maxine Knudson, 96, reminisced about teaching farm workers’ children in the one-room schoolhouse at the Gilfillan Estate from 1933-36.

• The Redwood Area Theatre made history when its entire four-day run of Annie was sold out in advance, before the first performance.

• Two California-based college students biked through Redwood on their Santa Cruz to New York cross-country bike trip. They said they were deliberately avoiding large cities, because they met the coolest people in rural areas.