Flood damage in Ramsey Park continues to be an issue for the City of Redwood Falls, and that, along with talk about upgrades to the park, became a major part of the discussion at the July 16 Redwood Falls city council meeting.

According to Jim Doering, city public works project coordinator, a road slide south of the Ramsey Creek bridge is in need of more work.

A quote from Ground Zero Services of Courtland of up to $29,420 to repair that was approved. The slide is a result of rising water that has undermined the road, and recent rains have meant more damage to the roadway causing an emergency situation to prevent losing part of the road. At a previous meeting funding for this project was allocated to address the damage. 

The work includes delineation along the roadway, including the placement of fabric and 320 tons of rip rap.

According to Doering, what is being installed as part of this project is intended to address future flooding issues.

While the city could receive FEMA funding for the road repair, those dollars typically would cover getting the project back to its condition before the flooding, which would mean any work above and beyond that likely would not be covered by FEMA. The city would need to find another source of funding to cover that.

The council also approved a request to hire Bolton and Menk, Inc, to develop specifications, bid documents and to coordinate the bidding process for the swayback bridge. The work would be for the repair of the bridge deck and to replace the stone damaged by spring flooding and ice floes.

Doering added this is for the work to the top of the bridge, adding the continued high levels of water at the bridge site has prevented any inspection of the bottom of the bridge.

The cost estimate for the work is in the $195,000 range, said Doering, adding it is important to repair the stone, as any future flood damage would continue to unravel it causing even more damage.

While much of the work is focused on repairs, there are also plans in the works to continue to upgrade the park, and Doering and Ross Nachreiner, parks and recreation director, presented a request to submit a grant application to the Greater Minnesota Parks and Trails Commission.

The grant request, would be for $798,080, which would provide water and sewer to the campground area and would include the installation of a new bathroom at the Zeb Gray shelter.

The work would also include a lift station force main sewer and water connection up to Pleasant Street.

The grant request, which was approved by the council would require a 19 percent of the project, approximately $108,115, from the city.

In other action during its meeting, the council:

• Authorized the solicitation of bids for the replacement of two rooftop air handling units at the Redwood Area Community Center. Replacement of the two units has an estimated cost of $155,000.

• Approved a request to host a block party on the 600 block of East Chestnut Street for July 26 from 5-11 p.m.

• Approved a temporary on-sale 3.2 percent malt liquor license for St. Catherine’s Catholic Church for an event being held Sept. 8, 2019.

• Approved a quote from Schmidt Construction of up to $24,450 to install a sewer connection at the intersection of Fallwood Road and McPhail Drive.

• Approved a request for 107 East Oak Street from Denis Zeug to reduce the setback from eight feet to one foot in order to construct a garage extension.