Over the years, people have often asked me if work slows down at all during the summer. Their assumption is because the school year is over that means I have a lot less to do and plenty of time on my hands.

I typically respond that the demand on my time really isn’t different during June, July and August, but when and where I am working is substantially altered. I spend a lot more time working during the weekends when community events and celebrations are taking place.

For example, I am planning to be in Walnut Grove this coming Saturday (July 13) for the family festival and the 45th anniversary reunion for the “Little House on the Prairie” TV show. Lots of people will be in the park that late morning and throughout the afternoon enjoying that opportunity to rub shoulders and get autographs from many who were part of that show.

The celebrity thing is not all that appealing to me, but I will definitely be getting photos of them as they interact with fans who will come hundreds of miles just to get a glimpse of them.

After a bit of a breather Sunday, unless I decide to make some time to visit Danube Fun Days, which started Wednesday and continues through Sunday, or Hector’s Corn Chaff Days, which started Monday and continues through Sunday, I will gear up for a week of activity at the Redwood County Fair, which officially starts this coming Wednesday and continues through July 21.

That same week is Buffalo Lake Days (July 14-21), with Summerfest in Sacred Heart taking place July 17-21. Those who may miss the Walnut Grove festivities this coming weekend have another chance to enjoy that community setting, as its family festival is again being held (July 19-20) – minus the celebrities.

The weekend after the fair includes Hometown Days in Seaforth and Catfish Derby Days in Franklin, followed by Redwood County Relay For Life Aug. 2 and Milroy’s Fun Fest Aug. 3.

That next week (Aug. 6-8) is when Farmfest will be held.

Later on in August is the Renville County Fair, as well as Bechyn’s Czech Fest, and I am sure there are other events taking place during the coming days I don’t know about or have not yet gotten on my calendar.

When all of that comes to an end, there will only be a few days before the new school year starts, and I start getting some of my weekends back – except for Hot Iron Days in Lamberton and Old SOD Day in Belview, which are both held in September.

As is the case with many of you, there really isn’t time on the schedule to take any more than a few hours off at a time. Perhaps you and I will be able to do that come winter when the snow starts flying again and the weather forces us to stay at home.

I’m not sure that is a good trade-off.