50 years ago

July 1969

• The Redwood Falls city council chambers was filled with irate parents demanding the city immediately install heaters in the public swimming pool to raise the water temperature. The parents weren’t impressed when the councilors pointed out the city’s recreation funds for the year were already being used to create more tennis courts by the Memorial Field stadium, and that it would take engineers months just to figure out how to put heaters into an already-built pool.

• The Olivia Ambulance Corporation received a new 1969 Cadillac ambulance capable of carrying four stretcher patients at once.

• Central Bi-Products’ new 200,000 square foot rendering plant was about halfway through construction, and it was expected to be completed in January 1970.

• Steve Klabunde, 18, of Redwood Falls, hit a hole-in-one into the second hole at the Redwood Falls golf course, making him the 11th person to hit a hole-in-one at that course.

25 years ago

July 1994

• Pete Iverson, Redwood Area Development Corporation director, said the county needed to do more to get area businesses ready to compete on the upcoming “information superhighway.” The Gazette article then briefly explained to readers what the “Internet” was.

• Redwood Falls hosted the 53rd reunion of the 215th Coast Artillery Anti-Aircraft Regiment, a group of southern Minnesota soldiers who participated in World War II.

• The Redwood County commissioners gave permission to explore the possibility of turning the old Jefferson Mall in downtown Redwood into the new county public health headquarters.

• Volunteers in a horse-drawn buggy were the first to ride down U.S. Highway 14 after it was officially designated the Laura Ingalls Wilder Historic Highway.

10 years ago

July 2009

• The Minnesota History Center honored Reuben St. Clair of the Lower Sioux Community for his contributions as an American Indian code talker during World War II. St. Clair passed away in 1985.

• Redwood Falls Special Olympians dominated the summer games held at the University of Minnesota, winning the gold and silver medals.

• Although the Redwood Area Hospital had been offering infusion services for years, the recent remodeling allowed there to be a new room devoted to infusion services exclusively.

• McDonald’s began building a new, larger restaurant in Redwood Falls to replace the experimental “Mini-Mac”