Many people would consider themselves “Star Wars” fans.

The Bailey family, including Trevor, Pari and their daughter Pari Beth of Belview, have taken that to the next level. Not only do they take part in conventions and dress up in costumes of some of their favorite characters, the family’s involvement has now included building their own costumes and becoming affiliated with organizations that are dedicated to all things involved with “Star Wars.”

Pari Beth, who will be a junior at Redwood Valley High School this fall, said her interest in the science fiction genre began a few years ago. In 2015, she watched “The Force Awakens.”

“She was enraptured by it,” said Pari, adding that led to her watching all of the other movies in the series.

Pari Beth’s parents had tried earlier on to get her interested in “Star Wars,” and at age five was shown her first movie.

“I remember there being cute bugs,” said Pari Beth.

While the idea did not take at first, as a young teenager Pari Beth really embraced the culture and started getting very serious about it.

Pari said while she enjoyed “Star Wars,” she was hoping her daughter would become more interested in fantasy fiction, especially J.R.R. Tolkien. 

While Pari Beth has enjoyed the movies, she became much more interested in the animated “Star Wars” world and got very interested in the characters that were part of that aspect.

The Bailey family had never been to a convention before, but in 2017 Pari Beth convinced her parents to take her to her first one. That is when the idea of building their own costumes went to another level.

For the Bailey family having this thing in common is something they appreciate, adding not only do they attend conventions, they also make appearances to encourage others and to just provide a bit of entertainment. As part of those events they also help raise funds for charities, such as Make-A-Wish.

All three of them also have their own trading cards.

This past April, Trevor, Pari and Pari Beth all attended the “Star Wars” celebration held in Chicago, which is the largest fan convention in the world. During that event Pari Beth was selected for the “Best of” reel for Lucasfilm. She was also featured in a cosplay gallery and was invited onstage before a panel discussion was held.

All three belong to different affiliate costuming groups, and Pari Beth is a member of the Minnesota Force girl gang, which is dedicated to providing a space for women and girls to enjoy more opportunities as part of the “Star Wars” fandom.

Costuming is a very exact process, the Baileys explained, adding that not only includes the regalia they wear but also the colors of body paint they use.

Pari Beth has not only gotten into costuming, she has also done some drawing of characters adding she really enjoys all aspects of the culture.

“These are my people,” said Pari Beth. “This is where I belong.”

All three agreed it is fun to attend events and to meet others who share their interest.

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