Ah yes, summer in Minnesota has finally arrived, and it’s my favorite season.

The first day of summer arrived this past Friday and marked the longest day of sunlight during the year.

Weather is a consistent part of our culture here in Minnesota, and I am constantly reminded about how weather dominates most of our moods, conversations and activities of daily living.

Recently, on my morning commute to the office I had music playing and the windows down in my car, and all of a sudden the scent of soil and earth hit my nostrils. It was heavenly. I immediately thought to myself “summer!”

For the past several weeks I have been enjoying the outdoors from lounging on the deck at home to mowing the yard and simply enjoying having the windows open in the house.

While enjoying these moments it’s easy to encounter the sights, sounds and smells of late spring and early summer here in rural Minnesota. After months of being kooked-up in the house during winter and early spring I am finally able to explore life in the mild temperatures that we briefly seem to get to enjoy.

Next thing you know the mosquitoes and humidity will be abundant and the complaints from many of us will soon follow. As I type this I can smell the coolness of the rural Minnesota landscape from the scent of earth, lush trees and vegetation.

As cars zoom past on the gravel road that I live on I can smell and taste the dust that enters my respiratory system. It’s all a welcome reprieve after a long winter. It’s just simply amazing to me how we live half of the year indoors, and now being exposed to the outside I’m simply enamored by the simple sights, sounds and smells that our great state has to offer.

Also, I’m embracing the slight amount of chores that I have outside, from mowing the yard to filling the bird feeders, to the leisure of taking strolls down the gravel roads. I’m simply embracing it with all that I have, as I know this season is relatively short here in Minnesota.

However, I won’t lie to myself and attempt to enjoy the great outdoors when I’m being viciously attacked by the gnats or mosquitoes.

What is with the bumper crop of gnats this year anyway?

These sensory experiences keep going on from the smell of sweet corn cooking on the stove to the chirping of birds in the early morning and throughout the day.

Many in the region will be cramming in as much outdoor activities as possible, from time spent at the lake to the many community celebrations held during Minnesota summers.

Enjoy this amazing time of the year my fellow Minnesotans, and remember if you aren’t a big fan of the weather right now, just wait a few hours.

It’s bound to change.