50 years ago

June 1969

• Minnesota truck driver Edward Schneider, Jr. accidentally struck and killed a South Dakota teenaged bicyclist on Highway 19 between Fairfax and Franklin. Schneider said he tried to flag down passing cars to ask someone to go get help, but the cars just kept going. One car’s driver even rolled up his window and locked the door before abandoning Schneider by the side of the road. Schneider finally had to drive into Fairfax and ask a gas station attendant to call the Fairfax rescue squad.

• Loren Way, a farmer based several miles west of Redwood Falls, discovered an ancestor on his mother’s side who mostly likely came to America on the Mayflower and would have taken part in the first Thanksgiving celebration.

• Daryll Rice, playing in the championship flight of a golf tournament for the first time, surprised everyone by winning the Redwood Falls Country Club’s medal tournament over more established local golfers.

• To gain practice in the latest surgery techniques, Dr. S.F. Ceplecha was temporarily leaving his Redwood Falls practice to do a one-year residency in general surgery at Charles T. Miller Hospital in St. Paul.

• The Gazette issued a clarification about an article that appeared in a previous week’s edition, acknowledging the article trumpeting a new state tax law affecting rural land values was only partially accurate. It seems the government bureaucrats who sent the Gazette the article forgot to note the new tax law only affected farms near the Twin Cities, and no acreage in Redwood County was actually eligible to apply.

25 years ago

June 1994

• A study showed that from 1986-91, the number of children born to mothers under the age of 18 increased by 125 percent in Redwood County, as compared to an eight percent rise nationwide during the same time.

• John Jimenez was hired as the RVHS head basketball coach for the 1994-95 season.

• The city council voted unanimously to place the new Redwood Falls Public Library on the site of the former St. Catherine’s Catholic Church.

• The Redwood Area Library Foundation took a deep breath and vowed to raise $500,000 in grants and donations by Nov. 4, the Redwood Falls library’s 90th anniversary.

• The city council approved a land-swap agreement with the school district that would allow the planned Inglis Softball Complex to be built adjacent to the school.

10 years ago

June 2009

• One of the most popular vehicles at the annual Scott-Preusse auto show was a 1999 Chevy S10 Richard Jacoby, of Redwood Falls, had converted into an electric car that operated on 12 car batteries.

• The Redwood Area school board was still waiting for the state to determine whether the local school year’s start date would be Aug. 24 or Sept. 8.

• Voters approved the local school district’s “excess debt service” question 295 to eight. The eight who disagreed could not be reached for comment.