“If you build it, they will come.”

For the community of Wabasso, this has become more than just a Field of Dreams quote. The quote itself has taken on a life of its own in the small town, as the construction of the baseball field several years ago ushered in a new era of baseball in Wabasso.

For the first time since 1971, the town of Wabasso will field an amateur baseball team, and 2019 will mark the inaugural season of the Wabasso Jaxx.

Donned in purple, the team will compete in the Cornbelt League and face off against the likes of the Milroy Yankees, Bird Island Bullfrogs and Raymond Rockets.

The Jaxx roster currently consists of 22 players from the surrounding area, and will be coached by Corey Theis.

The creation of the amateur baseball team in Wabasso was not an overnight process. The first step was building the field itself, which was erected in 2015, followed by the installation of lights beginning in winter 2017. This paved the way for a team to form, which now is comprised of former and current Wabasso Rabbit players, as well as several players from Redwood Falls.

With the long process over, the next challenge the Jaxx face will be the games themselves. The Jaxx season can be followed online by liking its Facebook page.

The roster of the 2019 Wabasso Jaxx includes the following: Bryant Haas, Caleb Frericks, Colby Wall, Corey Theis, CJ Theis, Cole Frericks, Dalton Taylor, Daniel Argetsinger, Devon Liebl, Dustin Tietz, Jayden Eis, Joshua Guetter, Kenric Baune, Kyle Jacobson, Kyle Lechner, Ryan Leibl, Sam Guetter, Steven Marotzke, Ti Trost, Tony Franta, Jaden Van Hee and Andy Warner.