50 years ago

June 1969

• Redwood Falls City Councilor Richard Anderson conquered his fear of heights by climbing the 127-foot steel ladder and inspecting the inside of the city water tower. The most startling part of Anderson’s climb was when he saw members of an out-of-town crew the city had hired to paint the outside of the tank strolling across the 120-foot high, unguarded crossbeams as casually as if they were walking on a sidewalk.

• The City of Redwood Falls amended the curfew forbidding anyone under the age of 21 from being on city streets between 1 and 6 a.m. unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or spouse. The new ordinance eliminated the rule that people under 21 could be outside if they carried written permission from their parents.

• The re-release of Gone With The Wind was held over for an additional two days at the Falls Theatre.

• Gordon Pugh, 34, originally of Bristol, England, passed through Redwood Falls as part of a multi-year hitchhiking tour of the world. While in town, he stayed a week with his distant relatives, the Myrtle Long Sanders family.

• The Redwood Falls hospital’s new coffee shop opened, staffed by volunteers.

• Redwood’s six downtown cafes all served coffee for free Saturday, with donations encouraged to help fund the Jaycee’s drive to send a mentally-impaired child to summer camp.

25 years ago

June 1994

• Lower Sioux Tribal Chairman Jody Goodthunder met with President Bill Clinton as part of a national meeting of tribal leaders in Washington, D.C. to discuss budgeting and tribal independence issues with the federal government.

• An anonymous donor pledged to give half a million dollars toward a new Redwood Falls Public Library building if the city could find matching grant funds.

• Redwood Gazette publisher Rick Peterson noted in his column that when he opened the day’s mail, he discovered someone had mailed him ... a fax.

• The Redwood Falls Hospital Hospice program held its first bed race fundraiser, with the Floundering Fleet Foot Flyers (the Nelson’s Funeral Service team) defeating five other teams.

10 years ago

June 2009

• The Redwood Falls Family Aquatic Center officially opened.

• The Dakota community officially took over operations at the Lower Sioux Agency historic site.

• Twenty-six University of Minnesota philosophy students spent a four-week “philosophy camp” around southwest Minnesota, visiting farm sites in the area to build chicken coops and get their hands dirty working in the soil.

• The Redwood Valley and Wabasso FFA programs held a donkey baseball mutual fundraiser at the Memorial Park baseball field. It is unclear which FFA chapter cleared up the field afterward.