Bragging rights have been awarded recently to 18 students across the U.S. for having the best handwriting in the country. These winners are among the more than 250,000 students in Kindergarten through eighth grade who competed in the 2019 Zaner-Bloser national handwriting contest, which recognizes students for their handwriting excellence.

“Handwriting remains a key foundational skill for literacy development, and we are encouraged to see the next generation reaffirming the importance of handwriting – even in the midst of our digital age,” said Lisa Carmona, president of Zaner-Bloser. “We are proud to recognize our students and teachers for their commitment to handwriting fluency.”

Students in Kindergarten through second grade compete in the manuscript (print) category, while students in grades three through eight compete in the cursive category. All students write the required sentence, “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” because it contains every letter of the alphabet.

Judges select winners based on shape, size, spacing and slant. Participating schools held their own handwriting competitions and selected grade-level winners. The grade-level winners advanced to state competitions, where judges selected a public and private grade-level winner for each state. From there, judges selected 18 national grade-level semifinalists. The top nine were named the grand national grade-level champions.

Among those who were named semifinalists was Ella Erickson who is a seventh grader at Red Rock Central High School in Lamberton.