When the city of Redwood Falls constructed its new airport arrival and departure building, it included more than 4,000 square feet of office space that was made available for lease. Over the years, that space has remained unused, with the exception of a few short-term tenants.

Jim Doering, city public works project coordinator, brought good news to the city council during its meeting June 4 when he presented a five-year graduated lease agreement with CUBIK Promotions, Inc. The agreement calls for the lease of 2,640 square feet of the space to be leased to CUBIK Promotions, Inc. from June 3, 2019 through Jun 3, 2024.

Doering said it is exciting news for the city to have a tenant in that space, adding Briana Mumme, Redwood County economic development coordinator, has been working with the city and the airport to market and showcase the space resulting in the proposed agreement that was approved by the council.

The agreement calls for a lease rate of $5 per square foot for the first two years, with that amount increasing to $7 for the following two years and to $10 per square foot for the final year of the agreement.

According to its Web site, CUBIK Promotions, Inc. provides branded promotional items, which it describes as “swag,” including everything from apparel, bags and drinkware to leisure and office items that are often given away by companies to customers at promotional events, to employees or to clients. CUBIK Promotions, Inc. has offices located in Boston, Dallas, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Redwood Falls.

The airport still has one suite still available for lease, and Doering said the airport commission is looking into the costs to install a lift rather than an elevator. Doering added that has an estimated cost of $43,000 compared to $200,00 for an elevator. The lift proposal would meet ADA requirements.

In other action during its June 4 meeting, the Redwood Falls city council:

• Awarded the bid for Phase 2 of the downtown distribution conversion to MP Nexlevel, LLC at a cost of $295,725. According to Chuck Heins, city public utilities superintendent, there were two bids submitted for the work, with the low bid coming in a bit higher than the $240,000 estimate. However, added Heins, the bid for the Phase 1 work came in lower than the estimate. The bid does not include the wire, transformers, other materials or city public utilities labor costs. All in, the downtown electrical distribution project has an estimated cost of $750,000.

• Approved a request from the Redwood Falls Police Department to retain the services of Bill Everett of Everett & VanderWiel, PLLP to conduct a review of the Redwood Falls Police Department policy manual. Jason Cotner, Redwood Falls police chief, indicated the cost is based on the amount of time required to conduct the review, adding a rough estimate would be in the $8,000-10,000 range.

• Approved a facility use agreement between the city and the Redwood Area Hockey Association for a period of two years (2019-2021) at a rental cost of $76,047 for 750 hours of ice time for 2019-20 and $77,567 for 750 hours of ice time for 2020-21. The agreement also includes a $50 per game charge for district hockey tournaments hosted by the association. That amount would drop to $20 per game if the association supplies staff to clean up during and after the event.

• Approved the employment of Lucas Christians as an electrical line worker a starting rate of $27.99 per hour.

• Approved the employment of Cameron Liebl as an electrical line worker at a starting rate of $27.29 per hour.

• Voted to cancel its July 2 scheduled council meeting.