When the site for the new Carris Health - Redwood hospital facility was announced, one of the issues that arose was getting electrical capacity to that location.

According to Chuck Heins, Redwood Falls public utilities superintendent, the site selected is in an area where there is no major electrical infrastructure.

So, a request was made to the Redwood Falls city council at its May 21 meeting to approve the first phase of a project that will not only address the needs of the hospital at that site but will also develop the area surrounding it in terms of electrical capacity.

Heins said the two-phase project will ultimately connect the city’s south substation with its east substation.

Heins told the city council in the long run this project is going to help the city in terms of potential development simply because there will be a main line in that area, and the connection of the two substations will allow for redundancy in the area served by both substations ensuring if there is an issue at one the other can help maintain power to that service territory.

The city council approved an allocation of $69,200 for professional services from DGR Engineering to develop the mainline circuit project. The engineer’s estimate for the first phase of the project is $802,200, with an additional estimate of $636,100 for the second phase. 

Heins told the council that this project was not on the horizon when the 2019 budget was developed.

The initial plan, said Missi Meyer, city director of finance and administrative services, would be to use reserves until a decision could be made about bonding for the project.

Above ground lines in the area would be buried as part of this project, added Heins.