The flooding of the past few years has dramatically increased the workload in the Redwood County environmental office.

Damage to the 500-plus miles of open ditch because of that flooding has kept the current ditch inspector extremely busy, and Scott Wold, director of planning and environmental services, said the need exists to bring someone else in to help address the current and long-term needs of the office.

A request to add a new ag and ditch technician in the environmental office was presented to the Redwood County board at its May 21 meeting and was approved.

While that individual will be very involved in the ditch work for the county, the addition of this individual will also help to address some of the other issues that need attention. Specifically, Wold said, this individual will address noxious weeds. 

With the discovery of Palmer Amaranth, a highly invasive weed, in Redwood County, Wold said there is a need to focus more attention on addressing that and other noxious weed issues that have been put on the back burner simply because other projects, such as flooding, have been the priority for the department.

After approving the new position, Lon Walling, county commissioner said he wanted to review it in two to three years to determine whether or not it is still needed.